The Biodiversity Conservation and Community Development in Al-Makhrour Valley is a conservation and sustainable development project, and a collaboration between Palestine and the United Kingdom. Led by the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability, the project aims to conserve at-risk biodiversity while benefiting local communities in the area. By valuing and utilizing ecosystem services, the project aims to promote sustainable agriculture and ecotourism while reducing human impact through environmental awareness and education programs. By the end of the project, we anticipate the area will have revived traditional farming, enhanced ecotourism opportunities, and enhanced economic resiliency. This project is funded by Darwin Initiative – UK. HERE ARE KEY REPORTS OF OUR WORK IN THIS VALLEY

Year One report

Desktop study

Plant Biodiversity

Fauna Biodiversity

Biodiversity Conservation Plan

Biodiversity Conservation Targets

Habitat Restoration

Biodviersity Committee

Lessons from festival  

PCC Contract-Year 2

Agriculture Community Benefit

Annex 13A

Women empowerment

Annex 14 Tourism Business plan

Business plans AlWalajeh

Business plans Battir

Business plans Beit Jala

Business plans Hussan

Partnership documents

Educational Awareness Workshops

Community Activities 

Habitat Restoration Report  

Restoration follow up Report 

Impact Evaluation Report

End Line Evaluation Report

Bird Survey – End Line

Plan endorsed by EQA

Agriculture Report

Report on Nearby Cremisan Valley