Activities have been ongoing to deliver economic benefits to the local communities; including women and youth, through sustainable agriculture

  • Continuous field visits to the land by the project team, to help farmers prepare the land for farming, and to give farmers consultations and directions regarding their processes,  occurred on the basis of 4 visits per farmer per season for the last three years. 

prepared land terraces


  • Supply of Seeds and seedlings to more than 80 farmers in the four targeted areas in Almakhrour world heritage site. 

Table 1: Total quantity  of seedlings and seeds and bulbs were distributed to the farmers during the project period
Growing season Seedlings Seeds & bulbs / Kgs
Winter 2019/ 2020 54000 190
Summer 2020  79200 21
Winter 2020/ 2021 52250 232


185450 443









  • Building capacities of farmers to practice environmental friendly farming and conserve biodiversity in their fields and the surrounding habitats.